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lunes, 29 de febrero de 2016

 1.dj illogik – Focus (intro)Ò 03:31 video
2.That Was Good (Sean Armstrong)‡ 02:46
3.Let That Thing Go (Maurice Daniel)‡ 02:52
4.RCK STDY (Ozay Moore)‡ 02:40
5.Grand Cascade (Maffew Ragazino)‡ 02:55
6.The Heist (Jamil Honesty) 02:50
7.Legendary Street Team (Nametag Alexander)‡ 02:41
8.Wits End (Open Otiks & J. Scienide) 03:00
9.Graphic Art (IllTone)‡ 02:56
10.Paradise Lost (Ak iLL of UP and Open Optiks)◊ 03:02
11.Shots (Hassaan Mackey)‡ 03:06
12.Dreams in a Hooptie (Rudy Williams)‡ 03:13
13.BOS•G (Miz da Rebel)Ò 01:14
14.Waiting For Something Random (Maurice Daniel x One Be Lo)* 03:04
15.Keep It Movin’ (Rosewood 2055)‡ 02:53
16.Freedumb (Draid Vicious)‡ 02:37
17.Open Season (Finale)‡ 02:33
18.Thundercat Famous (Supremcee x Faze Blue Le’Goon) 03:14
19.Hooptie [RMX] (Rudy Williams)‡ 02:56
20.dj illogik feat. Guilty Simpson – Pages [Flexvocal mix] (Guilty Simpson)‡ 03:03 video
21.Waiting For Something Random [L’Orange mix] (Maurice Daniel x One Be Lo) 02:49
22.gOLDen HOuR (Outro)‡ 01:00

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