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viernes, 21 de abril de 2017

DJ Low Cut - Dead End

 A1 - Dante Inferno (Intro) 
A2 -  All Alone ft. Masta Ace, Torae
A3 - Lyrikal Landslide ft. Ruste Juxx, Nutso
A4 - What's Done Is Done ft. Ide & Jise One 
A5 - Déjà Vu ft. Rasheed Chappell & Soul The American Dream 
A6 - The Mecca (Interlude) 
B1 - I’m Here ft. Dontique, CF 
B2 - Disobedience ft. Clever One 
B3 - Call Of The Wild ft. Team Thoro
B4 - She's Broke ft. Guilty Simpson 
B5 - Believers (Interlude)
C1 - Ambition Of The Shallows ft. Napoleon Da Legend, Paloma Pradal
C2 - Just Listen ft. Wildelux
C3 - Longevity ft. G.O.D. Part.3, J-Merk, Jamil Honesty 
C4 - Who Be The Realest? ft. King Magnetic
C5 - Making Cuts ft. Dj Nix’on, Dj Topic, Ordoeuvre, Dj Duke 
D1 - Hell's Storm ft. Q-Unique, Hex One, Milez Grimez
D2 - Maniac ft. Xplicit Content
D3 - Damned (Interlude)
D4 - Other Shit ft. Dirt Platoon, Wyld Bunch
D5 - Projects ft. Spit Gemz, Eff Yoo
D6 - The Payback ft. M-Dot, Revalation, Mayhem

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