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martes, 11 de julio de 2017

Atma – The Tathagata Vol. 1 (2017)

01. Conquering The Throne
02. Brainiac Dumb Dumbs
03. The Shoulders Of Giants
04. The Blast Radius feat. Apak & Simon Roofless
05. Supernatural feat. Jus Allah & Lone Ninja
06. Xenon 129
07. Self Sacrifice
08. Masta Mystic
09. The Final Frontier feat. Apak & Jah Nigga
10. War Lizards feat. Apak, The God Lifelong, Elohim Star, Phantasm & Respect The God
11. The Portal Of Immortals feat. Chief Kamachi & Lone Ninja
12. Infinite Potential (Aslan Remix)
13. Architechs Of Alchemy feat. Canibus, Dee Dalimbless & Jewelz Infinite
14. Hellish Blades feat. Lone Ninja
15. Meditation Chant feat. Apak & Jah Nigga
16. Fuck Yawl Pt. 2
17. Solaris
18. Prophets Of The Apocolypse feat. Sinister Stricken
19. Ark Of The Covenant feat. Apak
20. Transend Remix feat. Son Of Saturn & Chief Kamachi 

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