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miércoles, 12 de julio de 2017

Atma – The Tathagata Vol. 2 (2017)

 01. Holy Trinity Flow
02. Rebirth
03. Pika-Don feat. Apak
04. Illuminated Clone 9 feat. Jah Nigga & Apak
05. Disciples Of Babylon feat. Sick Since, Omen Ra, Cosmic Crusader, Rasul Allah & Son Of Saturn
06. Chamber Of Immortals feat. Sick Since
07. Diamond Sun Crystal DNA feat. Hobo Obituaries
08. War Of Son Of Light Vs. The Sons Of Darkness feat. Illuminati Congo & Sinister Stricken
09. Holographic Universe feat. Beast 1333, Dr. Ill & Lord Lhus
10. Apocalyptic Butterfly Effect feat. Jizzm Orko Eloheim
11. Babaji (DJ Wicked Remix)
12. You Cant Fathom feat. Son Of Saturn & Apak
13. Lost Technology Of The Gods feat. Sinister Stricken
14. Pole Shifts feat. Rasul Allah, Apak & Lord Gamma
15. Carnage feat. Trust One & Sick Since
16. Sunz Of Light feat. Mighty RAS Kalipssus, Bliss, ILLumiNati Congo, Quique Cruz & Beast1333
17. Beyond Hiranyaloka
18. A Good Man Is Gone
19. Karunash
20. Subtle Quarantines feat. Son Of Saturn

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