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domingo, 16 de julio de 2017

tone liv - catching flies with chopsticks

01. Catching Flies (prod. by Dibia$e)
02. Housing Authority (prod. by Latebloomer)
03. In One Ear feat. Pace Won & Mr Len (prod. by A.U.R.C.)
04. Last Action Hero (prod. by Tranzformer)
05. Night Owls (prod. by DJ Priority)
06. Public Drunkness (prod. by The Custodian Of Records)
07. Rock And Roll (prod. by Sultan Mir)
08. Sights And Sounds (prod. by Divine Drummah)
09. Walk With Me (prod. by Gov Mattic)
10. Knock Knock (prod. by DJ A $harp)
11. Grape Vine (Dibia$e Remix)
12. The Hustle feat. El Da Sensei (prod. by DJ MentPlus)

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