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jueves, 10 de agosto de 2017

Purple Dialect - Ghost Beach (2017).

 01.surf ninjas
02.stick up (feat. RayRayBeats)
03.record stop (feat. Leemlizzy)
04.shelf life
05.boredwalk (feat. Shoegaze Swayze)
06.beach party (feat. Darko the Super)
08.Stick Up (Rayraybeats Remix)
09.ight it up (TELNET MIX) [Digital version only]
10.record stop (instrumental) [Digital version only]
11.shelf life (instrumental) [Digital version only]
12.boredwalk (instrumental) [Digital version only]
13.beach party (instrumental) [Digital version only]
14.widowswalk (instrumental) [Digital version only]
15.extra batteries [Digital version only]

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