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sábado, 12 de agosto de 2017

VerbzBeats & Deploi - The Fever (2017)

 01. Outbreak (Feat. Indjnous)
02. We Are Here (Feat. Big Pooh, Mr. Juse & Mando the DJ)
03. The Fever (Feat. Kanetic Source & Chali 2na)
04. No Money (Feat. DJ Elsewhere)
05. Mind Over Matter (Feat. Martin Salazar)
06. Hip Hop (Feat. Kelley Mak & 3ntra P)
07. The System (Feat. Pacewon & Madd Joker)
08. LiL Suzy (Feat. Martin Salazar)
09. Believe (Feat. Main Flow & Mando the DJ)
10. Ride
11. Wake up (Feat. Mando the DJ & Kanetic Source)
12. Moving
13. The One (Feat. Dessy Di Lauro)
14. Organized (Feat. Anthony Brewster, Mj Ultra & DJ Elsewhere)

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