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miércoles, 21 de febrero de 2018

Edward Allen - Hits No Skits! - 2000

 1. Continous Hot Shit
2. One Of The Illest
3. Heavy Thoughts
4. What's Wit Dat Shit!
5. Bless Da Child
6. No Sabotage (97) Featuring - Da Rezedentz Of Boogie
7. Dime A Dozen
8. Forgotten Ones (Remx)
9. Comical
10. Fuck Wit Cha Head
11. Me Baby , Bust Bust
12. On Da Regular (96) Featuring - Da Rezedentz Of Boogie
13. Physician On A Mission
14. So On And So On... Featuring - Da Rezedentz Of Boogie
15. Now What's Next / Untitled

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