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viernes, 30 de marzo de 2018

Chopped Herring Present DJ Riz & DJ Eclipse - Fly Fishing Vol. 5 (2018)

DJ Riz Side A:

01. Apes Of Graf – Dissection Of I (Prod. By Inna Attic Crookz)
02. Meyhem Lauren – Terminal Illness (Prod. By TerminILL)
03. Hahyeem – Missing The Game (Prod. By Inna Attic Crookz)
04. Doz Funky Baztardz – Frequency (Prod. By Ernest Dimanche)
05. Shylow – Religious Sacrifice (Prod. By Shylow)
06. Afiliashun – Tell Me If You’re Open (Prod. By Regi Ruckus)
07. Cenobites Feat. Bobbito – Kick A Dope Verse (Re-Dux) (Prod. By Godfather Don)
08. Junclassic – Jazz Baby (Prod. By Wun Two)
09. Von Love – Momentary Laps Of Reason (Prod. By L.A. Kidd)
10. Class A Felony – Time To Make The Doughnuts (Prod. By DJ Stitches)
11. Guy Grams – Tough Love (Prod. By Fullscale)
12. Da Buze Bruvaz – Tango & Cash (Prod. By Claymore)
13. Nomaads Feat. Mr. Wiggles, Phrase & Zulu Gremlin – Never Need A 9 (Prod. By Zulu Gremlin)
14. Manuel – Luv Luv (Prod. By D. Marazzo)
15. Brothers G.R.Y.M. – Turtle Soup (Prod. By Brothers G.R.Y.M.)
16. Da Steez Brothaz – Dias Grises (Prod. By Truskull Zerokappa)
17. Wiseguys – In Tha Company Of Killaz (Remix) (Prod. By Hangmen 3)
18. Malik Turner – Rap’s A Joke (Prod. By DJ Master Jam)
19. Shawn Lov – UNO (Prod. By Raiden)
20. Horror City – Change The Game
21. Mhorlocks – Tore Down (Ripped Open) (Prod. By DJ Rad)
22. Jazz Spastiks Feat. Warpath – Cirumstances (Prod. By Jazz Spastiks)
23. Beneficence – Hostyle Lifestyle (Prod. By Beneficence)
24. Da Last Future – Fallen Diamonds (Prod. By Su-Preme)
25. Masta Ace – One Two, One Two (Prod. By Masta Ace)
26. 5-Elementz – Searchin’ (Prod. By Jay Dee)
27. Big Tabb – Commerialized Music (Prod. By Mentally Gifted)
28. Tha Roach Killaz – Wack MC’s (Prod. By Stranger Danger)

DJ Eclipse Side B:

01. Apes of Graf – Until Then (Prod. By Inna Attic Crookz)
02. Mhorlocks – Wild Echoes (Prod. By God’s Child)
03. Hahyeem – You Neva Know (Prod. By Inna Attic Crookz)
04. King Doe V – Knuckle Up (Prod. By Su-Preme)
05. Meyhem Lauren – Cash Is King (Prod. By Shakim Allah)
06. Beneficence – Contents Under Pressure (Prod. By DJ Supa C)
07. Junclassic – How Higher (Prod. By Wun Two)
08. Da Buze Bruvaz – Tranzor Z (Prod. By Lord Beatjitzu)
09. Class A Felony Feat. Diamond D & Lakim Shabazz – I Can’t Take It No More (Prod. By Dimaond D)
10. Definite Vacation 4 Suckas – Sleepless Nightmares (Prod. By Sean “Rhythm” Ross)
11. Speakeasy – Hi (Prod. By K. Watters & T. Hardman)
12. Wiseguys – Face To Face (Prod. By Hangmen 3)
13. Zigg Zagg – You Know My Style (Prod. By Mighty Maestro)
14. Shawn Lov – Damn Tough (Prod. By Custodian Of Records)
15. Shylow – From Parts Unknown Pt. II (Prod. By Beat Rapists)
16. Afiliashun – Bullet Scars (Prod. By Regi Ruckus)
17. Jazz Spastiks Feat. Rebels To The Grain – Unkutfresh (Prod. By Jazz Spastiks)
18. Nomaads – Statistics (Prod. By Groovy Lou)
19. Tha Roach Killaz – In My Shoes (Prod. By Stranger Danger)
20. Thirstin Howl III – E-Dubb’s Mixtape (Prod. By Anger Bangers)
21. Da Steez Brothaz Feat. El Da Sensei – Hip Hop Disciples (Prod. By Truskull Zerokappa)
22. Manuel – Deep Waters (Prod. By D. Marazzo)
23. 5-Elementz – Sunflower (Prod. By Jay Dee)
24. Brothers G.R.Y.M. – How Do Ya Do (Prod. By Brothers G.R.Y.M.)
25. Da Last Future – Mental Combat (Prod. By Su-Preme)
26. Malik Turner – No More 9 To 5 (Prod. By DJ Sean Ski)
27. Big Tabb – Laid Back (Prod. By Mentally Gifted)
28. Hip City Swingers – HCS Invasion (Prod. By Eric Freeman)
29. Too Poetic – Ruff Son Of A Gun (Prod. By Poetic Productions) 

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