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domingo, 29 de abril de 2018

12bit – Stranded On Planet Rock (2007)

 01. Intro feat. Maylay Sparks
02. Hiphop Remains
03. The Hardness feat. Hus
04. Complex Fury feat. Hus & SmooVth
05. Lyssynup! feat. Cee-Rock & Timid
06. Crystal Silence feat. Loophole
07. Black Barbaric Lingo feat. Cee-Rock & Nugget The Phantom
08. Therapy feat. Create, Devastate & Kas
09. Real Technique feat. Hus
10. Rap’s Death feat. SmooVth
11. Fuckin’ Sellouts feat. Loophole
12. Realitys Of War feat. Sabac Red
13. Salvation feat. The Maestros
14. Soul Food feat. Hus
15. Man Of The Infinite Movement feat. Cee-Rock
16. Good Old Love feat. Hus
17. Warm Summa feat. SmooVth
18. Shimmery feat. Cee-Rock, DJ Orgazem & SmooVth
19. No More Fathers feat. SmooVth
20. Time Is Tight feat. DJ Whopper & Maylay Sparks
21. I Got That Feelin’ feat. Bless
22. Low Down feat. SmooVth
23. Hard To Believe feat. Cee-Rock & Timid
24. Thur The Connection feat. Create, Devastate, Hus & SmooVth

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