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miércoles, 18 de abril de 2018

Da Great Deity Dah - To Take Hip-Hop Back Da Global Alliance (2018)

 01. Live From Beijing (Feat. Nasty Ray)
02. Tributary To The Majesty (Cosmoh Mix) (Feat. Unbomber)
03. Afro 2 Asia (Feat. Unbomber & Hakim)
04. Dah-Namite Seoul (Feat. Dawoud Shahidu)
05. Open Mic (Symphony 2018) (Feat. Ibn Nur Quiet Storm 720 & First Borne The Unfair)
06. B-Boyism (Cosmoh Mix) (Feat. Unbomber & DJ Odilon)
07. Lyrical Renegade
08. Taking Hip-Hop Back
09. Still My Lord (What’s Happening, Pt. 2)
10. Bad Hombre’ (Feat. Lskriba & Boris Berreto)
11. Narcotics (Cocaine Cowboys Remix) (Feat. Ibn Nur Quiet Storm 720)
12. Ready To Kill (Legendary Remix)
13. Redrum (Xnoe Mix)
14. Refuse God (Feat. Sti6’s Williams)
15. Indecent Proposal (Slimkat 78 Remix) (Feat. Ibn Nur Quiet Storm 720)
16. Penetrate The Soul (Moods & Vibrations Remix)
17. Afro 2 Asia (DJ Nasty Mix) (Feat. Unbomber)
18. Bogota’ Freestyle (Feat. Celtik & DJ Muf)
19. Double Trouble (Feat. Ibn Nur Quiet Storm 720)
20. Indecent Proposal (Feat. Ibn Nur Quiet Storm 720)
21. Penetrate The Soul

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