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martes, 5 de junio de 2018

Christmaz & Figub Brazlevic - Ego & Soul [2 × Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition] (2016)

A1. Living For The Art feat. Noritsu
A2. Dat Hardcore Ish feat. Teknical Development, Dookie & Blabbermouf
A3. Samourai Ninja Wizzards feat. Omniverses
B1. The Grind (Get It On) feat. Tesla
B2. Sun & Moon
B3. Ego & Soul feat. Tesla
B4. Europe Under Pressure feat. Teknical Development, Merlin Alexander, Tesla & Blabbermouf
C1. Dem Major
C2. Street Kingz, Wild Lionz
C3. Crystal Cypher feat. Noritsu
D1. Adapted Like Water feat. Mad Flows, Merlin Alexander & Tesla
D2. It's Really Christmaz
D3. Originoo feat. Maniac
D4. Soul & Ego feat. Tesla 

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