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lunes, 18 de junio de 2018

J∆ydar - The Beginning Is Near (2017)

1.The Missing Fragment (Feat. Joy) 04:36
2.Real Raw & Rugged 03:35
3.Eyez Wide Shut (Feat. Joy) 06:09
4.The Future 03:38
5.Skit #1 01:30
6.Opposites & Differences 04:51
7.Roll Up Da Weed (Feat. Joy) 04:31
8.Music Is My Wizdom 03:04
9.Life's A Gamble 03:20
10.Skit #2 01:30
11.When I Think Of You 03:59
12.I Dont Care 03:51
13.Mindstate Of Solititude 02:56
14.The Finer Things 04:30
15.Battle Of The Storms 04:32
16.Skit #3 01:27
17.Nothings Changed 02:53
18.The Come Up (Feat. Ken K) 02:59
19.2 Turntables An A Mic 03:47
20.Back Of My Notepad 04:27 

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