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lunes, 18 de junio de 2018

Rak & Chavo - Abstract Fusion (2018)

 1.The Beginning Of A Trip 02:03
2.Moldy Apple 01:40
3.Trick or Treat 02:45
4.Boom 01:58
5.Walk The Streets 01:24
6.Drama Theme 02:14
7.Lost In Tedium 01:52
8.Evil Passage 01:49
9.Theme From The Darkside 01:57
10.Astral Dust 02:22
11.Giraffe's Headnod 01:43
12.Hiccups 01:49
13.Once A Child 02:03
14.Haunted Playground 01:22
15.Lucid Dream 02:25
16.The Ending Of A Trip 02:16

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