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sábado, 28 de julio de 2018

King RA – Foot On They Necks V2 (2018)

 01. F.O.T.N.V.2 Intro (prod. by Maemon Corleone)
02. Right Here feat. Thee Influence (prod. by RedAng)
03. Well Done (prod. by RedAng)
04. This Far feat. Just Putt (prod. by Verse All)
05. College Dropout (prod. by RedAng)
06. Partycrusher feat. DJ Trickalome (prod. by Trilian)
07. I’m In The Area feat. DJ Sir Reks (prod. by Luka)
08. Money feat. Chinch 33 (prod. by Ray Jones)
09. Blaze It Up (prod. by Rice Master Yen)
10. Side To Side (prod. by M.W.P.)
11. F.O.T.N.V.2 Outro (prod. by Maemon Corleone)

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