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lunes, 30 de julio de 2018

Stainless Steele - My Top Friends Are Beat Makers (2009)

 1.Dub Hop 02:49
2.Samiyam Freestyle 01:47
3.Zeni Stardust 03:02
4.Kowloon Initiation 02:36
5.Oral Laser Illustration 02:34
6.Symphony of the Cyclops 03:19
7.Purple Curve Ruins 02:21
8.Mega Glitch 01:58
9.Ghostlimb 03:11
10.Who Knows 01:40
11.Franklyn Ave Freestyle 01:42
12.Midna Revisited 03:19
13.Say You Will Freestyle 01:57
14.High Frequency Take Out 03:01
15.Charcoal Landscapes 02:55
16.Time Warp Boogie 02:31
17.Mother's Air 05:50

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