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viernes, 29 de mayo de 2015

Shad Ali - The Speaquinox (2015)

 01.Intro (Produced By Chuck Yayger)
02.Was It You? (Produced By HP Productions)
03.We Had ft. C.H.R.I.S. (Produced By Floyd)
04.Finding Yourself ft. Rena’ Alexis (Produced By Dru Tang)
05.Ahead Of Our Time (Produced By Audio Mob)
06.Astral Plane (Produced By Yellah Beats)
07.Misty ft. Kid Sugoi (Produced By Chuck Yayger)
08.H.A.S.N. aka Batman (Produced by Hpnotic)
09.HOV (Produced by Chuck Yayger)
10.You’re Responsible (Produced by Naps The Lionman)
11.Think 4 A Minute ft. Jeremiah Marcel (Produced by HP Productions)
12.Alan Watts (Produced by HP Productions)
13.Grandma (Produced by Rawn of Kagani)
14.That’s How Life Goes ft. Mars Jackson & Hubbs (Produced by NegiumBeats)
15.Outside of Me (Produced by J Card)

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