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CRIMEAPPLE - Fucko (Prod. By Buck Dudley) |#aMercenaryFilm

Nativ - MVZ Vol. 2

 1. P. Newton (Intro)
2. Funkaveli
3. Butterflöigä
4. Selecta (Skit)
5. 3eye
6. Nefertiti
7. Slick Rick ft. Dawill
8. 117 ft. Buds Penseur
9. Supreme (Skit) 
10. Paradies 
11. Winter 
12. Lorraine 
13. Mikroskop 
14. Toti Presidäntä 
15. Midas Zungä
16. Limette (Outro)

Loopwhole Beats ‎– Newyorkism [Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition] (2015)

 A1. SP1200 Days Feat. Loopwhole
A2. Rikers Island (SP1200 Instrumental)
A3. Legend Feat. J-Love
A4. Clinton Street (Emulator II Instrumental)
A5. Gem Feat. Lewis Parker Loopwhole and Shabaam Sahdeeq
A6. EBT Card (SP1200-950 Instrumental)
A7. 1991 (SP1200 Instrumental)
B1. Bushwick Part 1 Feat Sadat X
B2. Lefrak City (SP1200 Instrumental)
B3. Queens Blvd. (SP1200 Instrumental)
B4. Dropin Gems Feat. Eastkoast and Grand Daddy I.U.
B5. Rosevelt Ave (SP1200 Instrumental)
B6. Loops Rap Feat Loopwhole
B7. The Sanford (SP1200 Instrumental)
B8. Bushwick Part 2 Feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq and Miilkbone

Various ‎– Breakin Bread - Dirtybeatbreakinfunkandhiphop (2007)

01. DJ IQ - Intro
02. Color Climax - Batidas Latinas
03. Keno 1 & The Hermit - Heavy Heavy
04. Ghost, Kashmere, DPF - Flip It
05. Beats In Progress, Kashmere, DPF - Trouble
06. Ill Boogs - Gypsy Rock
07. Ghost, Abstract Rude - Basic Instinct (Remix)
08. Natural Self - To The Sun (Remix)
09. The Abdominal Showmen - Organic
10. Tom Caruana - The Kraken (Skit)
11. Tom Caruana, Arch Co - It's Arch
12. Boogaloo & Lotari vs Smooth - Sweat Side
13. Ghost, Yungun, Conspicuous - Vices Versas
14. Color Climax - Jigsaw
15. Cappo, Zero Theory - Last Remaining
16. Darwin & The Phoenyx - Crooked Fabric
17. Natural Self - Foundation Pt.2 

Nativ - MVZ Vol 1

 1.Intro (Skit) listen download
2.Check dae
4.Ueber Liche
5.Summer i dr Stadt
7.Basics feat. Mel. Issaw
8.Guet gmeint feat. Dawill
9.Toy Story 6 (Skit)
12.Dr Jam
15.Du u dini Uniform
17.Western Union
18.Outro (Skit)

kunfu ‎– Attacking With The Smoothness (2018)

 A1. Intro A
A2. Beatkid
A3. U Know What Time It Is
A4. Skit
A5. Boom
A6. From Deep Below The Surface
A7. Here I Come Feat. Это Паранойя
A8. Like That Yaa Feat. DJ Obsolete
B1. Intro B
B2. Reality
B3. Mindless
B4. Organized
B5. Playclock
B6. Underground Is My Style
B7. Drive The Funk Feat. MF Eistee
B8. Outro

Thaione Davis ‎– Still Hear (2009)

 01. Still Hear
02. Inside Your Mind
03. Tradesmen (Featuring Ben Butter, Infinito 2017, Iomos Marad, J. Hewitt, King, Longshot, Rashid Hadee)
04. Bottomline
05. Observation Incomplete
06. Problems (Featuring Melatone, Rashid Hadee)
07. The Gambit
08. Confessions of an Adolescent
09. Subliminal
10. Face Of The Hood (Featuring Rashid Hadee)
11. Onetwo
12. Leaving Babylon
13. Deception
14. Highest Regards (Featuring Rashid Hadee)
15. Purpose

AG, DJ Crucial & Grap Luva ‎– The 5th Beatle [Vinyl, 12'', EP, Limited Edition] (2017)

 A1. The 5th Beatle [Rap – AG]
A2. AG Interlude
A3. The 5th Beatle Instrumental
B1. The Struggle [Remix – Grap Luva]
B2. The Struggle
B3. The Struggle The Struggle [Remix – Grap Luva] (Instrumental)
B4. The Struggle (Instrumental)

Richy Pitch ‎– Live At Home [CD, EP] (2002)

 01. Live At Home (Remake) Feat. El Da Sensei
02. (Intro) The Bed
03. Day To Day Feat. Apani B
04. The Lyricist Feat. J-Live
05. The Monotone Mc's (Version 1.0).Sit
06. Phone Bizness Feat. Mr. Complex
07. Record Lovers
08. The Time Is Right Feat. Asheru
09. The Time Is Right (Mother Chunker Remix) Feat. Asheru

Q Ball & Curt Cazal ‎– Duo Dynamic (2005)

 01. QNC
02. Dynamic Duo feat M.O.P
03. For Da Love
04. I Wish feat Kate Rogers
05. Its Goin Down feat Camp Lo
06. Hype, Fresh, Live feat AIM
07. Now!
08. Would You? feat Dubble-D
09. Streets Don Run feat Dimes
10. Polaroid Dimepiece
11. Major League feat Schinie
12. Closer Than Friends

Jaz B. Lat'n ‎– Street Gamins [CD, EP] (1995)

 01. Set It Off
02. Check Your System
03. Spliff
04. Boombatta
05. Dirt & Grime
06. Set It Off (Mista Lawnge's Radio Mix)

Force by Klaus Layer ft The Artifacts & Blu (Lost Track LP Coming Soon)

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Bored Stiff ‎– Timeless (1997)

 A1. Give It Up (Intro)
A2. Nine-Six
A3. Next Sunlight
A4. Beat #1
A5. Beat #2
B1. The Soil
B2. State Of The Art
B3. Kwanz (From 850 Bryant)
B4. What's Next?

Bored Stiff ‎– Explainin'... (1995)

 A1. Intro
A2. Explainin'
A3. Change Of Mind
A4. Peaceful Rotation '92
A5. Origins
A6. Down The Line
B1. Thoughts On Music
B2. Bridge
B3. Survivin'
B4. Heartbeat
B5. Tell It Like It Is
B6. We Up

Kidaf - In the AIR (with Shuko) (2018)

 01.In the AIR (with Shuko)
02.Grabba (with Shuko)
03.Full Leap (with Shuko)
04.Light Some More (with Shuko)
05.Marlene (with Shuko)
06.Trees In (with Shuko)
07.GRIND (feat. Blu) [Remix] [with Shuko]
08.Quite Lifted (feat. Chelsea Reject & Shine Sinatra) [with Shuko]

Wee Bee Foolish - Underdog (2007)

 1 Intro
2 Not For Nothing
3 Putting In Work
4 Kentro
5 A Hood Named Boog
6 Go Gettaz Anthem
7 How We Does
8 Nems
9 Its Ain`t A Sport (NBA Jam)
10 Bless Joint
11 Solid White Albacore
12 Times Change
13 George Burnz
14 Street Hop
15 Vibrates
16 Maximus
17 On The Rise
18 Outro
19 It Is What It Is (Bonus)

Grizzly Gato ‎– While You Were Sleeping (2015)

 1.OG x GG 02:37
2.Vs. Donnie Wahlberg 03:24
3.Ginger Beer 03:03
4.Wieners 02:51
5.Subway Trip 02:43
6.Pork Belly feat. elsphinx 02:36
7.Tap Out 00:46
8.Campsite 03:38
9.Sacrifice 02:39
10.Yin Yang 02:29
11.While You Were Sleeping 03:19
12.Dedicated 03:45

Glad2Mecha - Gold Files (2018)

1.Glimpse of Gold – Intro prod.Glad
2.Sometimes I Wonder ft. Glad, Lakai, Born One, Talent Kills, Charade, Mannotone, Kers, Foreknown & Dusty Glass prod.Defizit
3.Superman ft. Plan B, Glad & Ahpasit prod.Plan B
4.Who Wanna Battle ft. Charade, Kers, Glad, Lakai, Mannotone, Foreknown & Talent Kills prod.Dj Bizkid – The Golden Mask Interlude
5.Yesterdays Gone ft. Jack The Mc, Makie & Glad prod.Eats Beats
6.You Cant Fly Like Us ft. Stick Up Kids, Glad, Plan B, Unfiltered & Robb Lamar prod. Glad
7.Deja Vu ft.Talent Kills & Glad prod.Talent Kills
8.Gemz Interlude – Cypher Check 1,2 ft. Glad & Verb prod.Guy Friday
9.Many Decisions ft. Glad, Andre & Verb prod.Dr. Drumah cuts Samplistic
10.Connect Four ft. Insight, Glad & Dusty Glass prod.Plan B
11.Happy Dazed ft. Bliss, Glad & Faynt prod.Slim Moose
12.No Trespassing – Outro 

Emanon - Dawn's Second Coming

 Side 1:
Exile - Meditation
Exile - Meditation 2
Aceyalone - The Balance
Latyrx - Regions
Propellerheads - 360 Degrees
Portishead - Humming
Abstract Rude - Situations
Exile - Meterism
Exile -Words
Exile - Find Out Yourself #1
Exile - Young Rock and Roll Fool
Exile - Find Out Yourself #2
King Tee - Ko Rock Stuff
INI - Square One
Lootpack - The Anthem
Exile - Scratch Break
Saafir - Bones In The Closet
Slick Rick - Lick The Balls
Exile - A Day In Exile
Exile - Shackles Of Light

 Emanon - Dawn's Second Coming Side 1

Side 2:
Intro (Produced by DJ Day)
Emanon - Age Of Aquarius
Emanon - Rhythm To Life
Exile - Fifteen Days Before
Emanon - Blind Individuals
Aloe Blacc - Death Becomes Me (Produced by Cheapshot)
Exile - Fish Out Of Water
Aloe Blacc - Writters Block (Produced by Cheapshot)
Aloe Blacc - Recollection (Produced by Doze 77)
Emanon - Astronauts (Produced by June 22)

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sociedad travieza nasty presenta - underground de la averno vol 48

01 - flama beatz -  intro 02 -  90 M.P.H. - Mackframalama 03 -  Afiliashun - Tell Me If You Open 04 -  Bee Why - The Boros 05 -  ...