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jueves, 18 de febrero de 2016

D Strong - The Good For Nothing

001. My Sound
002. Beautiful War
003. Advisory
004. Power With Perception
005. STFU
006. The Basics (Ft Aarophat)
007. Blood On Snow (Ft Mr Bakaa / Eneeone / Wildelux)
008. Walk
009. Extortion (Ft Constant Flow)
010. American Dream (Ft Wildelux)
011. Darkness (Ft Wildelux)
012. Hard To Make
013. Remembered
014. Eye Of A Needle
015. Venomous
016. I Got You (Ft Mecca & Wildelux)
017. 4×4 (Ft Miles O’Keefe)
018. Undisputed (Ft Eneeone)

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