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jueves, 11 de febrero de 2016

Edd Bundy - Attic Storage Music

 1. Gateway Guardians ft Pryme Prolifik, Gamblez & Life Scientist 02:36
2. Mercenaries ft Words, Klive Kraven & Swann 03:14
3. Murder By Metaphor ft Powder, INF & Lateb (Cuts by DJ Madhandz) 03:46
4. Hardbody Gutter Shit ft Samuel Tafari & Seiza 02:26
5. Smokin’ Mics ft Rated R, Julius Sleazer & Father Focus Confucius (Cuts by DJ Madhandz) 03:51
6. Birth Write ft Godilla & Eff Yoo (Cuts by DJ TMB) 03:26
7. Horrific Ethic ft Tha Soloist, Just-1 & Ganjre The Giant 02:34
8. Real Life Rap Raw ft Nico The Beast, Samuel Tafari & Pryme Prolifik (Cuts by DJ Madhandz) 03:36
9. What Could Have Been ft INF, Anonamix & Words 04:38
10. Chariots Of Fire ft Godilla 02:43
11. The Posse ft Various Artists 05:14

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