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lunes, 29 de febrero de 2016

Ray Vendetta & Calvert – Calculated Vendettaz (2016)

1.Introductions 02:21
2.Wicked city fastlife 03:20
3.Strenght in number ft Rawz Artilla & Criksta 03:44
4.Crime families 03:07
5.Glass hearts 03:28
6.Face of karma ft Phyba Optiks & Skribla Dan Gogh 03:34
7.Manifest ft Capo Blaze 04:00
8.Screenplays of Horror ft Sinister Stricken,Omerta & Tesla’s Ghost 04:00
9.Closed society ft Ramson Badbones 02:43
10.Lust in HD ft Daddylongluv 03:21
11.2nd nature ft All Star Stacks 03:29
12.The untouched ft Cosha Don,Crown Nectar & Solar Black 03:52
13.Supreme Alliance ft Iron Braydz,Menace Mendoza & Theme 03:47
14.Nightlifes theme ft K.Zorro & Ruchelle Scott 03:34
15.Dream on ft Flowtecs 03:38
16.Streetfame 02:00
17.Stars eligned ft Saab 04:16

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