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viernes, 14 de julio de 2017

Terra Pete – Bambooyeah (2017)

 01. Intro (Prod. By Big Roo)
02. Bambooyeah (Prod. By Big Roo)
03. 1 Mann Army (Prod. By Scarfface)
04. Spitzenpredator (Prod. By Denio Digital)
05. Zwei Mal So Nice (Prod. By Bluestaeb)
06. Reime Aus Dem Tintenfass (Prod. By Dude26) (Scratches By Dj Druggy Fresh)
07. Anruf Vom Scratch (Skit) (Sratches By DJ Hate 08)
08. Beats & Blunts (Prod. By 85db)
09. Schmeiss’ Die Kassette Rein (Feat. Juju Rogers) (Prod. By Bluestaeb)
10. Junk (Prod. By Denio Digital)
11. Untergrund (Feat. Bico & Bruda Obba) (Prod. By Bico)
12. Wie Ist Dein Plan? (Feat. Scarf Face) (Prod. By Big Roo)
13. Mein Hirn Zieht (Prod. By Dj Druggy Fresh)
14. Outro Baby Jesus (Prod. By Feroxxx)

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