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domingo, 13 de agosto de 2017

Plague Magician - Brotherhood of the Kill - Chapter 2 (I Am Son)

 01. Intro (The Book of the Dead)
02. The Sixth of June ft. Kairo Myth
03. Brotherhood of the Kill ft. Holocaust (Warcloud), Gage the Conqueror & Kairo Myth
04. Electric Church ft. Eskr One (Renaissance)
05. Skit (The Plague)
06. In My Dreams (As It was Ancient) ft. Kairo Myth
07. Skit (The Book part 2)
08. Web of Sin (4 Shadows) ft. Kairo Myth
09. Spirit of Murder (House of Holmes) ft. Kairo Myth
10. The Devil Bessie ft. Kairo Myth (Voodoo)
11. Mental Murder Case (Case 666)
12. Skit (Green River)
13. We Killed the Devil ft. Crimey (Nocturnal)
14. The Grave of Caesar (Lazarus Spell) ft. Kairo Myth
15. Kairo Myth (Blood Song)
16. Skit (Room 13)
17. Stone of Snakes (He Killed the Comedian) ft. Kairo Myth
18. Skit (Manson)
19. 3:15 ft. Gage the Conqueror, Holocaust (Warcloud), Kairo Myth & Eskr One
20. Outro (The Southern Cross)

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