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miércoles, 25 de abril de 2018

Glad2Mecha & Building Block Records – Gold Files LP (2018)

 01. Glimpse Of Gold Intro (Prod. By Glad2Mecha)
02. Sometimes I Wonder (Feat. Lakai, Born One, Talent Kills, Charade, Mannotone, Kers, Foreknown & Dusty Glass) (Prod. By Defizit)
03. Superman (Feat. Plan B & Ahpasit) (Prod. By Plan B)
04. Who Wanna Battle/The Golden Mask Interlude (Feat. Charade, Kers, Lakai, Mannotone, Foreknown & Talent Kills) (Prod. By Dj Bizkid)
05. Yesterdays Gone (Feat. Jack The Mc & Makie) (Prod. By Eats Beats)
06. You Cant Fly Like Us (Feat. Stick Up Kids, Plan B, Unfiltered & Robb Lamar) (Prod. By Glad2Mecha)
07. Deja Vu (Feat. Talent Kills) (Prod. By Talent Kills)
08. Gemz Interlude/Cypher Check 1, 2 (Feat. Verb) (Prod. By Guy Friday)
09. Many Decisions (Feat. Andre & Verb) (Prod. By Dr. Drumah) (Cuts By Samplistic)
10. Connect Four (Feat. Insight & Dusty Glass) (Prod. By Plan B)
11. Happy Dazed (Feat. Bliss & Faynt) (Prod. By Slim Moose)
12. No Trespassing Outro

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