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sábado, 12 de mayo de 2018

j.u.i.c.e. - listen 2 da werds (2003,Chicago)

 1 So What's Ya Name? 
2 On The Grind 
3 It's A Family Affair 
4 Part-Time Spitters
Rap [Featuring] – MarsOne*
5 Raise Em High 
6 Cranberry Cocktail 
7 House Party (The Old School) 
8 Time To Ride (Hustlers)
Rap [Featuring] – Maintain
9 The Return - 03 
10 Be On The Lookout 
11 Heat 
12 Danielle 
13 Think Of Us 
14 Nuff Said 
Bonus Tracks
15 4 My Writers Part II 
16 Cornerstone Mixtape Freestyle 
17 Elliot Ness - Name Of The God

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