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lunes, 7 de mayo de 2018

Juice - Tip of the Iceberg (2003,Chicago)

 1 What
Producer – Panik 
2 It's Lovely
Producer – Memo
Rap [Featuring] – Lil' B 
3 City Of CHI
Producer – Panik 
4 Run 4 Ya Life
Producer – Panik 
5 Real Hip-Hop
Producer – Panik 
6 It's All One
Producer – Panik
7 Feel My City
Producer – Panik 
8 Who's Fuckin' With This
Producer – DJ Rude One
Rap [Featuring] – Breez Evahflowin', C-Rayz Walz
9 Lena's Song
Producer – Panik 
10 Gone But Not Forgotten
Producer – Panik 
11 Same Hood, Different Day
Producer – Panik 
12 The Only Place For Me
Producer – Panik 
13 Rollin' On LSD
Producer – Panik 
Rap [Featuring] – M.E.E.K. Mzteek
14 Inside Of Me
Producer – Panik 
15 Murder, Murder
Producer – RG
Rap [Featuring] – K-Solo, Maintain
16 Learnt'
Producer – Millions
Rap [Featuring] – Mars One
17 Good Grief
Producer – Boniface 
Rap [Featuring] – Elliot Ness

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