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jueves, 14 de junio de 2018

Cadence – State Lines (2004)

01. Makin' It Sound Like The Intro
02. Take The Time (Cadence's Choice) by Yesh & Cadence
03. It's Only Right by Shorty Raw
04. We Ain't Singin' by Dooley O & Jughead
05. Flow Chart by Raw Produce
06. Cade Money On The Cut Pt. 1 (What I Believe)
07. A.T.F. (All Time Favorite) by Eddie Meeks of Prophetix
08. Beats, Rhymes And Life by Lord Cyrus
09. Deep Freeze by Esoteric & Cadence
10. Perfectionist by Cmnr of Word Association
11. Crash Tru by O.u.o & Zimbabwe Legit
12. The Sky Is Falling by Sev Statik
13. Hard by Jax & Flux Of Binkis Recs.
14. State Lines by Mike G. of Jungle Brothers & Cadence
15. Gravy by Mike Ladd
16. Cade Money On The Cut Pt. 2 (Stages And Studios)
17. Patience And Persistence by Quite Nice
18. Butterflies by Paradigm
19. Take The Time (Yesh's Choice) by Yesh & Cadence  

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