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viernes, 29 de junio de 2018

Ruggedness Madd Drama - Rare Tracks (Bootleg) (1994)

 1. For Real
2. Best Ones Yet
3. Huntin Park Hustlers
4. Make U Go Crazay
5. Checkin’ Down The Menu
6. Me And My Squad
7. Comin’ At Cha
8. Hustlers High
9. For Real (Radio Remix)
10. Checkin’ Down The Menu (Remix)
11. Make U Go Crazay 2
12. Best Ones Yet (Inst)
13. Checkin’ Down The Menu (Inst)
14. For Real (Inst)
15. Hustlers High (Inst)
16. Make U Go Crazay 2 (Inst)

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