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sábado, 14 de julio de 2018

Cozmik Law ‎– On Tha Brink (1997)

 01. Mixin' Tha Cozmik Law
02. Loot 'A Getcha... (Subterranean ''Earth Core'' Mix)
03. Betta Duck
04. Scandalous Presence
05. Choppin' It Up
06. Styles 'A Life
07. Fah My Peeps
08. Keep Tha Mics Warm
09. Dreamin'
10. Ghetto Pain
11. All Night Long
12. Broke An' Rainin'
13. Unda Tha Sun
14. News & Notes
15. Gimme A New Beat
16. Dirty Game & Deathbeds
17. Warpath (Tha Headshrinka'S Mission)
18. Loot 'A Getcha (Coast Ta Coast Bust That Dial Mix)

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