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lunes, 2 de julio de 2018

Triple Darkness – Darker Than Black + Bonus Tracks (2015)

 01. Ice Boxes feat. Evil Ed (prod. by Morriarchi)
02. Solid Armour (prod. by Ringz Ov Saturn)
03. Nuclear Winter (prod. by Morriarchi)
04. Lamented Tears (prod. by 7th Dan)
05. Iron Python feat. Evil Ed (prod. by Ringz Ov Saturn)
06. A Cup Of Spiders feat. Evil Ed (prod. by Ringz Ov Saturn)
07. Finger Jab feat. Evil Ed (prod. by Ringz Ov Saturn)
08. Calligraphy (prod. by 7th Dan)
09. Sankofa (prod. by Tony Mahoney)
10. Custodians (prod. by Bad Company)
11. Delta Of Venus feat. Jazz T (prod. by Evil Ed)
12. Silent Vandals feat. Evil Ed (prod. by Tony Mahoney)
13. Tabernacle feat. Evil Ed (prod. by Bad Company)
14. Nortghen Lights (prod. by Tony Mahoney)
15. Mosaics (prod. by Tony Mahoney)
16. Nineteen Eighty Four (prod. by Tony Mahoney)
Bonus Tracks
17. Sword Dust feat. Evil Ed (prod. by Ringz Ov Saturn)
18. Knuckle Dust (prod. by Ringz Ov Saturn)

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