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lunes, 31 de diciembre de 2018

June Marx – Courage Under Fire (2018)

 01. The Sharpshooter
02. Masters Of Our Fate
03. The Spark
04. A Thousand Raindrops

El Jazzy Chavo – Αναλώσιμη Τέχνη (2018)

 01. Αναλώσιμη Τέχνη
02. Μουσική Τσέπης
03. Pena Ajena
04. Ratattat
05. Απ’ Τα Μάτια Του Τυφλού Σαμουράι
06. Ο Βυθός
07. Το Νερό Της Γης
08. Ονειροπαγίδα
09. Στην Άλλη Άκρη Του Τετραγώνου
10. Σκέψη και Φαντασία
11. Crudo Pero Cuerdo

domingo, 30 de diciembre de 2018

Randal Wyatt - Ones (Music Video)

Penpals – Dead Letter Bureau (2018)

01. Formal Introduction (prod. by Loupo)
02. NFL Blitz (prod. by Squires & Ruff Ian)
03. Ohm’s Law (prod. by Dusty Ohms)
04. Bar Stories (prod. by Rapswell)
05. Pardon Me (prod. by Squires & Ruff Ian)
06. Whiskey Americano feat. Jamii Bass (prod. by Squires & Ruff Ian)
07. Goodbye, Blue Monday (prod. by Damn Ricky)

Haile Ali - Cusah Heights

Haile Ali - Cusah Heights

Def Dee – Before, There Was Nothing EP (2018)

 01. Hit feat. Bruce Leroy & Keith Murray
02. Blue Devils feat. Porter Ray
03. In The House feat. Stas Thee Boss & OCnotes
04. Yellow Goose feat. HDBeenDope
05. Can’t Do Better feat. Alex Phoenix

Left Lane Didon & Str8 Bangaz – Autumn Leaves II (2018)

 01. Dispersed Harvest
02. Saltfish N Bakes
03. Tha Pot, 3 Hots & A Pinebox
04. Coherencies Conscious feat. K.O.
05. Mo Pete & Mateen feat. Jay Nice
06. Non-Deciduous Affiliations feat. All Hail Y.T. & Stack Skrilla
07. Even Steven feat. Chris Skillz & K.O.

Left Lane Didon - Mo Pete & Mateen feat. Jay NiCE (produced by Str8bangaz)

Hus Kingpin – The Wave Flex (2018)

 01. Broken Sky (prod. by Robinbanks)
02. Wilt Chamberlain Chains Pt. II feat. Left Lane Didon (prod. by Coyote)
03. Dasia Voorhies (prod. by Budamunk)
04. Coke Casa Pt. II: The House Party feat. SmooVth, Chris Crack & Vic Spencer (prod. by Big Ghost Ltd)
05. Beautiful Murder feat. Willie The Kid (Sharp Remix)
06. Mind Sex God (prod. by Agor)
07. Cake & Balloons (prod. by Zain & Dani)
08. Power feat. Nowaah The Flood (All Ceven Remix)

Wish & Sadomas - Don't Worry (Prod. Hozay) [Official Video]

sábado, 29 de diciembre de 2018

Funky DL – Dennison Point (2018)

 01. Moving In
02. Thank You All The Same feat. Cicero
03. Sleep
04. He Classic
05. The Days Of Dennison
06. Then Maybe You’ll Understand
07. No Resting
08. The 5th Floor
09. The Point
10. Moving Out

viernes, 28 de diciembre de 2018

Crimeapple – Sweet Dreams + Bonus Tracks (2018)

 01. Meatdust (prod. by Buck Dudley)
02. Stay Awake (prod. by Buck Dudley)
03. Elm Street feat. Daniel Son (prod. by Buck Dudley)
04. Zombieland (prod. by Buck Dudley)
05. Neighborhood Robert Englund (prod. by House Shoes)
06. Meatdust (Instrumental)
07. Stay Awake (Instrumental)
08. Elm Street (Instrumental)
09. Zombieland (Instrumental)
10. Neighborhood Robert Englund (Instrumental)

jueves, 27 de diciembre de 2018

Da Buze Bruvaz – Drinkin’ Beer Wit Prostitutez (2018)

 01. Stadium Series (prod. by Don Shotta aka Don Q)
02. Young’s Deli (prod. by Juggernaut)
03. Muscle feat. Big Nawz (prod. by Neck Clippa)
04. Unlimited Shell Casingz feat. Thirstin Howl III (prod. by Gosilla)
05. Cheltenham Mall Arcadianz (prod. by Gosilla)
06. Butta Leathaz N Lo Sweatahz (prod. by Lex Boogie)
07. Golden Brown Sea Bass feat. Driz Lo (prod. by Him Lo/Rocksteady)
08. Summer Of Sam (prod. by Ras G)
09. Pornographik Memoriez (prod. by Shaheed Mudfoot)
10. Belligerent Bastardz feat. Thirstin Howl III & DJ Pressure (prod. by Med1)
11. Horizontal Chess Movez (prod. by Giallo Point)
12. 5 Element Drunken Pervert Tekneek (prod. by Drunken Man)
13. Wolvez Wearin Sheepskinz (prod. by Gosilla)

lunes, 24 de diciembre de 2018

Fourfifths ‎– Earth Wind & Fire [Vinyl, 12'', 33 ⅓ RPM, Blue Sleeve] (1997)

 A1. Earth Wind & Fire (Remix) (Radio)
A2. Earth Wind & Fire (Remix) (TV Track)
A3. Earth Wind & Fire (Remix) (Instrumental)
B1. Earth Wind & Fire (Original)
B2. The Science (Street)
B3. Mr. Supreme's Bonus Beat

MoSik – Walks EP (2018)

 1.Walks 04:07
2.HowWeDo 03:55
3.It's Mine 04:30
4.Inventions 03:34
5.Thoughts 04:53

viernes, 21 de diciembre de 2018

P Brothers – Mentaltainment EP (2018)

 01-Saltfish feat Daniel Son
02-Saltfish (Instrumental)
03-Good Trip feat Your Old Droog and Doo Wop
04-Good Trip (Instrumental)
05-What Kind Of Shit You Want feat Milano
06-What Kind Of Shit You Want (Instrumental)

EastGarden Music Presents - Mister Personal - Skinwalkers pt_._2 - The Collabs (2017)

 1.Back to Basics ft. Dotz (Prod. by Tommy Vamoz) 02:52
2.Eagles Nest ft. Anonymouz & Djeekee (Prod. by Robin Da Landlord) 04:12
3.Slipping Away ft. Jace Abstract, Big Huey, Branko, Inztrow (Prod. by Tommy Vamoz) 04:34
4.Ol'skool ft. Metalz (Prod. by Inztrow Beats) 02:56
5.Wizardry ft. Hans Nötig & Spinz (Robin Da Landlord) 03:56
6.Set It On Fire ft. Influenza Big Huey (Prod. by Inztrow Beats) 02:46
7.420 ft. Big Huey (Prod. by Apwan) 04:20

Self Scientific ‎– Presents... The Works (1997-2002)

  01-Self Scientific (ft Kombo)-One
02-Blitzkrieg Militia-Subterranean
03-Lao Fai (ft Chace Infinite)-My Word
04-Krondon-Hold It Down
05-Lao Fai-I Put My Life On It
06-Krondon-Always And Forever
07-Self Scientific (ft Don Krisis)-Opposition
08-Krondon-James Worthee
09-Krondon-The Best Form
10-Self Scientific-Evergreen
11-Korsican Brothers-Corona Deluxe
12-Kombo (ft Unspoken Heard)-Pop Shit
13-Self Scientific (ft Lao Fai & Don Krisis)-Sublevel
14-Self Scientific-Run The Depth
15-Self Scientific-Pentagon Paradox (Bonus Track)

jueves, 20 de diciembre de 2018

The BenchWarmers Clique - The Ugly (Album + Instrumentals)

 1.Ugly 04:46
2.Simple 03:30
3.Nighttime Part II ft. Reks & The Llamabeats 04:49
4.Freon 04:28
5.Medusa ft. Dynas 04:12
6.Batteries Included ft Epidemic 04:08
7.Daily Operation ft. Iron Ora 04:11
8.Our Father 02:46
9.People Say 03:17
10.Low Key (Bonus Track) 02:52

Chris Skillz & J.O.D – Blessed Are The Damned (2018)

 01. Non Est Asylum
02. The Darkness Beneath
03. Saints Of Last Resorts feat. Ill Conscious & Left Lane Didon
04. The Devil’s Vinyl
05. A Feast Of Friends feat. Jay Nice & All Hail Y.T.
06. Rage Of Caliban
07. Angels And Ministers Of Grace feat. Tha God Fahim
08. Blessed Are the Damned
09. Waiting For The Man

martes, 18 de diciembre de 2018

Planet Asia x Killa Kali – Border Brothers (2018)

 01. Executioner Style (prod. by DirtyDiggs)
02. Gallons Of Ether (prod. by DirtyDiggs)
03. No Betrayal (prod. by DirtyDiggs)
04. Real Side Of Things (prod. by Grimace)
05. El Guapo (prod. by DirtyDiggs)
06. Fish Out The Buick (prod. by DirtyDiggs)
07. They Think They’re Better (prod. by DirtyDiggs)
08. Aggressive Meetings (prod. by DirtyDiggs)
09. All I Know (prod. by DirtyDiggs)
10. Raindrops And Crushed Grapes (prod. by DirtyDiggs)
11. Exotic Portraits (prod. by DirtyDiggs)
Bonus Track
12. Grover’s Tune (prod. by DirtyDiggs)